Class XI

Select the group of fat soluble vitamins from the followings
  1. Vitamins B,C,D and K
  2. Vitamins A,D,E and K
  3. Vitamins A,B,C and D
  4. None of these
Which bacteria help in oxidising inorganic substances?
  1. Heterotrophic bacteria
  2. Cyanobacteria
  3. Chemosynthetic autotrophic bacteria
  4. None of these
Length of DNA with 23 base pairs is
  1. 78 Ao
  2. 78.4 Ao
  3. 74.8Ao
  4. 78.2 Ao
Given graph shows effect of substrate concentration on rate of reaction of enzyme phosphatase. What does given graph indicate?
  1. Rate is proportional to substrate concentration
  2. Formation of E-S complex
  3. Presence of an enzyme inhibitor
  4. At high substrate concentration pH changes
Which criterion made Fungi to be placed in separate groups?
  1. Nuclear membrane
  2. Cell type
  3. Cell wall
  4. Mode of nutrition
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