Class XI

Brightness of battery light depends on the
  1. Polarization
  2. Difference in reactivity series of two metals in battery
  3. Volts of bulb attached to battery
  4. All of these
Presence of impurities cause
  1. A fall in boiling point
  2. A rise in melting point
  3. A fall in condensation point
  4. None of Above
suitable constant flow of electricity can be ensured through
  1. an ammeter
  2. a rheostat
  3. a galvanometer
  4. a voltmeter
Amphoteric oxides react with an alkali to form
  1. Salt
  2. Water
  3. Acids
  4. Both A and B
When dichromate (VI) ion becomes reduced to chromium (III) ion, a change of color occurs from
  1. Purple to pink
  2. Purple to colorless
  3. Orange to purple
  4. Orange to green
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