Class XI

The doctor was treating the patient when the ambulance arrived
  1. Ambulance arrived with patient were treated by the doctor.
  2. The patient was being treated when the ambulance arrived.
  3. The Patient were treated by the doctor when ambulance arrived.
  4. The doctor treated the patient when ambulance was arrived.
The ambulance will take the patient to the nearest hospital.
  1. Patient were took hospital by the ambulance.
  2. The patient took the nearest hospital by the ambulance.
  3. The patient were taken by the ambulance to the nearest hospital.
  4. The patient will be taken (by ambulance) to the nearest hospital.
The reporter is announcing the results on the radio right now.
  1. The results are being announced on the radio right now.
  2. The result is announced by the reporter just now
  3. The result is just annonuced right now by the reporter.
  4. The reporter announced result on radio now.
He has fed the animals
  1. The animals have been fed.
  2. He had fed the animals.
  3. The animals have been fed.
  4. Animals are being fed by him.
The teacher had announced the results to the student
  1. The results had been announced to the students.
  2. The result was announced by the teacher among the students.
  3. The result being announced by the teacher.
  4. Teacher announced the result among the students.
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