Class XI

A qualitative measure of the stability of an ionic compound is provided by
  1. Electron affinity
  2. lattice enthalpy
  3. ionization enthalpy
  4. electron gain enthalpy
Stable outer octet of electrons is achieved in chlorine atom during the formation of NaCl by:
  1. The formation of a hybrid orbital
  2. The gain of an electron
  3. The formation of a coordinate bond
  4. The loss of an electron
bond lengths are lower in elements having
  1. crystal structure
  2. double bond
  3. single bond
  4. triple bond
Inertness of noble gas was observed to be due to their electronic configurations: Choose the most appropriate
  1. Outermost orbitals of the noble gases are fully filled.
  2. Noble gases form ions to complete their outermost orbitals
  3. Total number of electrons in the outermost shell is duplets
  4. Atomic mass is low so they are stable
The amount of energy required to break one mole of bonds of a particular type between two atoms in a gaseous state is called
  1. bond enthalpy
  2. lattice enthalpy
  3. ionization enthalpy
  4. Electron affinity
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