Class XI

In order to get product of lead nitrate, lead oxide shall react with
  1. H2SO4
  2. HNO3
  3. CH3COOH
  4. H2CO3
Incorrect statement is: An exothermic reaction...
  1. Forms a compound which gives out heat while being formed
  2. Contains products that are very stable
  3. Overall enthalpy change is zero
  4. Overall enthalpy is negative
While writing ionic equations,
  1. Ions actively involved in chemical change are written down
  2. Spectator ions may be omitted
  3. Only spectator ions are written down
  4. Both A and B
Chemical formula of Ammonium Sulfate is
  1. NH3SO4
  2. NH4(HSO4)2
  3. (NH4)2SO4
  4. (NH2)4SO4
 Amphoteric oxides include
  1. SO2
  2. ZnO
  3. P2O5
  4. P4O10
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