Class XI

Pulmonary arteries carry
  1. Red oxygenated blood
  2. Bluish red deoxygenated blood
  3. Deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs
  4. Oxygenated blood from lungs to heart
Bisexual flowers may avoid self pollination if
  1. Either anther or stigma is absent
  2. Anther and stigma do not produce enough eggs and pollens
  3. Stigma
  4. All of these
Renal artery and renal vein join kidney at
  1. Renal pelvis
  2. Ureters
  3. Cortex
  4. Hilus
Fleshy scale leaves are found in
  1. Rhizome
  2. Corm
  3. Stem tuber
  4. Bulb
When a receptor is activated, impulse travels along the
  1. Receptor neuron
  2. Effector neuron
  3. Sphincter muscles
  4. Pituitary gland
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