Class XI

Physically tiring jobs may result in basal metabolic rate of
  1. 480 kJ
  2. 850kJ
  3. 1500kJ
  4. 2050kJ
Sap in root hair cells
  1. has lower water potential
  2. enable osmosis
  3. is concentrated in salts and sugars
  4. all of these
Excess water entering in body cells accompanied with a loss of salts is faced by
  1. freshwater bony fish
  2. marine bony fish
  3. marine boneless fish
  4. all three
Catalase is common in
  1. plants
  2. animals
  3. insects
  4. both A and B
Dry mass of germinating seed decreases due to
  1. heat loss
  2. active tissue respiration
  3. absorption of water
  4. photosynthesis
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