Class XI

Weak acids are weak electrolytes because
  1. Number of valence electrons are lower
  2. They contain only a few ions
  3. They have more hydrogens
  4. Both A and B
In a Magnesium-Copper battery with dilute acid as electrolyte, at cathode, element is
  1. Hydrogen gas is bubbled off
  2. Electrons are produced
  3. Copper takes up electrons produced by magnesium
  4. Chlorine gas is bubbled off
During electrolysis, anions travel towards
  1. Cathode
  2. Anode
  3. Electrode
  4. Inert electrode
Metal oxides or metal hydroxides form
  1. Acids
  2. Base
  3. Salt solution
  4. Sugar solution
Upon diffusion, crystal of potassium magnate forms a
  1. Purple solution
  2. Violet solution
  3. Red solution
  4. Transparent solution
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