Class XI

This large plesiosaur lived in the ocean where Australia now is. What is it called?
  1. Brachiosaurus
  2. Kronosaurus
  3. Tyranosaurus
  4. Spinosaurus
This "Tyrant Lizard King" really lived in the Late Cretaceous period. Not like in the movies!
  1. Alllosaurus
  2. Tyranosaurus
  3. Brachiosaurus
  4. Spinosaurus
A fossil of this giant sea creature was found by a 14 year old girl in Australia. What type of animal was it?
  1. whale
  2. shark
  3. clam
  4. squid
What special feature did Parasaurolophus share with other duck billed dinosaurs?
  1. a long spiked tongue
  2. three large horns on its beak
  3. a large hollow crest on its head
  4. four razor sharp claws
Though small, these dinosaurs could still be very dangerous, as they hunted in packs. What were they called?
  1. Dacentrus
  2. Elasmosaurus
  3. Iguanodon
  4. Deinonychus
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