Class XI

For most types of fresh water organisms, best water
  1. Has a pH above 8
  2. Has a pH below 8
  3. Has a pH almost 7
  4. Is salty one
Functions of carbohydrates (CnH2mOm) include all but
  1. Production of amino acids
  2. Production of fats
  3. Production of cellulose cell wall
  4. Formation of antibodies to combat disease
Continuous exchange of energy and materials are characteristic of
  1. Transparent systems
  2. Open systems
  3. Hybrid systems
  4. Physical energy
Calcification of kidneys is caused due to
  1. Lack of dietary fiber
  2. Excess of sugar
  3. Excess of starch
  4. Excess of fat-soluble vitamins
Carbon dioxide (CO2) taken in night is stored in form of
  1. Dark energy
  2. Chemical energy
  3. Physical energy
  4. Carbon monoxide
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