Class XI

Ionic bond is important in
  1. Metals of Group-I
  2. Non-metals in Group-VI
  3. Metalloids of Group-III
  4. All of these
PH of soil can be controlled through
  1. Acid rains
  2. Hydrolases
  3. Reversible reactions
  4. Neutralization
In acid and base reaction, product includes
  1. A salt(s)
  2. Water
  3. Both A and B
  4. All of these
In titration, end point is indicated through
  1. Precipitation of salt
  2. Crystallization of salt
  3. Change in color of solution
  4. A pink color
Change of orange color of Chromium(VI) (Cr+6) to green color of Chromium(III) (Cr+3) indicates presence of a
  1. Reducing agent
  2. Oxidizing agent
  3. Reagent
  4. Drying agent
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