Class XI

Universal indicator can be used to
  1. Test acids and alkalis
  2. To test strong acids and weak acids
  3. To test strong acids and weak acids
  4. Both A and B
Filtrate refers to the
  1. insoluble solid in filtration
  2. a solution which dissolves
  3. crystals
  4. a solution that passes through filtrate funnel
Battery is
  1. 99.5% pure copper
  2. Collection of cells
  3. Pure lead
  4. Pure zinc
An efficient source of electricity production is
  1. To combine hydrogen and oxygen to form water
  2. To drive generators through steam
  3. To combine nitrogen with hydrogen
  4. Both A and B
Formula of Ammonium Sulfate ((NH4)2SO4) is
  1. NH4(SO4)2
  2. NH4(HSO4)2
  3. (NH4)2SO4
  4. (NH3)2SO3
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