Class XI

Main component of epidermis is
  1. Collagen
  2. Keratin
  3. Elastin
  4. Myosin
Enzyme pepsin has been named after
  1. Substance upon which it acts like pepsin
  2. Byproduct it produces like peptic acid
  3. Person who isolated it from plants body
  4. Person who discovered it
 Irregular shape and loose arrangement of cell is characteristic of
  1. Cuticle cells
  2. Palisade tissues
  3. Spongy tissues
  4. Stomata
 Protoplasm of a cell consists of
  1. Vacuole, chloroplast, tonoplast
  2. Nucleus, cytoplasm, cell surface membrane
  3. Cell membrane and nucleus
  4. Cell wall, cell memebrane and nucleus
Seed formation occurs
  1. When flowering season starts
  2. When environment is suitable for growth
  3. On approach of unfavorable season
  4. When fruit turns lumpy
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