Class XI

When the soda bottle is opened, some of the dissolved carbon dioxide gas escapes because of
  1. some of the undissolved carbon dioxide gas in the soda bottle
  2. difference in solubility of carbon dioxide at different pressures.
  3. difference in solubility of carbon dioxide at different temperatures.
  4. to reach a new equilibrium condition required for the higher pressure,
During the process of transformation from liquid to vapour, the pressure exerted by the water molecules at a given temperature remains constant. This is called
  1. melting point of water
  2. vapour pressure of water
  3. Boiling point of water
  4. freezing point of water
Hydronium ion concentration in molarity is more conveniently expressed on a logarithmic scale known as the
  1. litmus scale
  2. basic scale
  3. acidic scale
  4. pH scale
For dissolution of solids in liquids, at a given temperature, the constant is
  1. mass of the solute
  2. mass of the solvent
  3. pressure
  4. solubility
Assuming complete dissociation, calculate the pH of 0.002 M KOH solution.
  1. 10.93
  2. 11.31
  3. 2.01
  4. 10.11 only
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