Class XI

Valency of all these ions is negative 1, except
  1. OH
  2. PO4
  3. NO3
  4. Br
An average size cigarette burns in 10 seconds
  1. In pure hydrogen
  2. In pure oxygen
  3. In pure carbon dioxide
  4. At room temperature
Positive ions in a sea of electrons are found in
  1. Ionic compounds
  2. Covalent bonds
  3. Metallic bonds
  4. Dative bond
When heating begins in miscible solutions, vapors formed will be
  1. Of liquid lower in boiling point
  2. Of liquid higher in boiling point
  3. Vapors will be of both liquids with a higher concentration of liquid having low boiling point
  4. Collected In a gas syringe
 A substance which conducts electricity but is not changed during electrolysis is
  1. Electrode
  2. Conductor
  3. Insulator
  4. Catalyst
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