Class XI

Vasa recta is absent or reduced in:
  1. Cortical nephrons
  2. Juxtamedullary nephrons
  3. Bowman’s capsule
  4. PCT
Read the following about renal threshold : i. The renal threshold of glucose is 180 mg/100ml of blood. ii. If blood level of glucose exceeds 180mg, it leads to diabetes insipidus. iii. If blood level of glucose exceeds 180mg, it leads to diabetes mellitus.
  1. all statements are wrong.
  2. only statement i) and ii) are correct.
  3. only statement i) and iii) are correct.
  4. only statement i) is correct.
Towards the centre of the inner concave surface of the kidney is a notch called:
  1. Calyces
  2. Hilum
  3. Cortex
  4. Medulla
Read the following for hemodialysis : i. Blood of patient is pumped from vein into cellophane tube which is suspended within dialysing solution. ii. Dialysing solution is of the same composition as blood plasma but no urea. iii. The risk of formation of blood clots is associated with artificial kidney. iv. Blood is therefore mixed with anti-heparin to prevent clot formation.
  1. all statements are correct.
  2. statement i),iii) and iv) are correct.
  3. statement ii) and iii) are correct.
  4. statementi) and ii) are correct.
The hormone with enzymatic action which catalyses conversion of angiotensinogen into angiotensin is :
  1. JFA
  2. Aldosterone
  3. ANF
  4. Renin
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