Class XI

One newton is the force ___________
  1. of gravity on a 1 kg body
  2. of gravity on a 1 g body
  3. which gives a 1 kg body an acceleration of 1m/s2
  4. which gives a 1 kg body an acceleration of 1m/s2
Which one of the following is wrong about Chara
  1. Upper oogonium and lower round antheridium.
  2. Globule and nucule present on the same plant
  3. Upper antheridium and lower oogonium
  4. Globule is male reproductive structure
The weight of silver (at wt. = 108) displaced by a quantity of electricity which displaces 5600 mL of O2 at STP will be:-
  1. 5.4 g
  2. 10.8 g
  3. 54.9 g
  4. 108.0 g
If force (F), velocity (V) and time (T) are taken as fundamental units, then the dimensions of mass are:-
  1. [FVT⁻¹]
  2. [FVT⁻²]
  3. [FV⁻¹T⁻²]
  4. [FV⁻¹T]
A location with luxuriant growth of lichens on the trees indicates that the :-
  1. Trees are very healthy
  2. (2) Trees are heavily infested
  3. Location is highly polluted
  4. Location is not polluted
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