Class XI

 Formula of carbonic acid indicates that
  1. For each ion of Carbon, two ions of hydrogen are required
  2. For each ion of H, two carbonate ions are required
  3. For each carbonate ion, two ions of hydrogen are required
  4. For two carbonate ions, three ions of Hydrogen are required
Molar mass of Copper Oxide (Cu2O) is
  1. 113.14g/mol
  2. 139.33g/mol
  3. 173.298g/mol
  4. 143.09g/mol
Ions remaining unchanged in both reactants and products are called as
  1. Residual ions
  2. Sublimates
  3. Spectator ions
  4. Icons
Examples of conductors include
  1. Platinum
  2. Sulphur
  3. Phosphorus
  4. Wood
Sulfite ion can be written symbolically as
  1. SO4−2
  2. SO3−2
  3. SO4−3
  4. S−2
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