Class XI

In the earth’s atmosphere, hydrogen exists in the form of
  1. deuterium
  2. In the combined form with other elements and compounds
  3. protium
  4. tritium
BaCl2.2H2O is an example of
  1. hydrogen-bonded water
  2. interstitial water
  3. coordinated water
  4. hard water
Metal hydrides are used for hydrogen storage because
  1. large volumes of hydrogen occupies interstices in the metal lattice
  2. they do not participate in any catalytic reactions
  3. they are stoichiometric
  4. they do not conduct heat and electricity
Many d-block and f-block elements form
  1. ionic hydride
  2. covalent hydride
  3. saline hydride
  4. metallic hydride
Presence of extensive hydrogen bonding between water molecules is responsible for
  1. solid and vapour states
  2. vapour states
  3. liquid and solid states
  4. liquid and vapour states
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