Class XI

She played a cat and mouse game with all her boyfriends. 
  1. She played a game
  2. She had a cat
  3. Her boyfriends gave her cats and mice
  4. She played like a cat with her boyfriends who were all mice
She knew that the best way to get into hot water was to anger her boss. 
  1. To enter water heated by the sun
  2. To have hot water
  3. To be confused
  4. To get into trouble
She was so intimidated by the presence of the school principal that she forgot her memorized lines and started to beat around the bush. 
  1. To run around a nearby bush in fright
  2. To talk indirectly, without coming to the main point
  3. To stammer
  4. To tap her feet in despair
Ravi shifted into a new house. His new LCD television cost him an arm and a leg. 
  1. Very little
  2. Was very expensive
  3. He hurt himself while carrying in the TV set
  4. Was fairly priced
Management tried very hard to convince the shareholders but facts spoke louder than words. 
  1. Too many facts presented confused the audience
  2. The management spoke very little and left the shareholders to understand the facts on their own.
  3. The managers spoke so loudly that the audience found it difficult to understand the real facts.
  4. The organization was not doing well and it was proven by the facts, though the management kept saying that the organization was doing well
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