Class XI

(NCERT Exemplar): Which one is not a source of carbohydrate?
  1. Rice
  2. Millets
  3. Sorghum
  4. Gram
Red Sindhi, Sahilwal, Jersey, Brown Swiss are breeds of
  1. Pigs
  2. Buffaloes
  3. Cows
  4. Cows
Apiculture deals with
  1. Bee Keeping
  2. Rearing Pigs
  3. Rearing Cows and Buffaloes
  4. Rearing Silk Moths
Which of the following is not a type of biotic stress?
  1. diseases
  2. insect
  3. frost
  4. nematodes
Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding improvement in crop production?(
  1. Tallness is desired in cereals
  2. Profuse branching is good for fodder crops
  3. Variety resistance to biotic stress is a good factor to improve crops.
  4. Shorter duration of crop from sowing to harvesting is better option.
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