Class XI

To know, that electricity is flowing through circuit,
  1. Switches are used
  2. A bulb is attached
  3. It is held in middle fingers
  4. A micro chronometer shall be used
Insoluble Sulphates are
  1. CaSO4
  2. BaSO4
  3. CuSO4
  4. PbSO4
Crystallization, evaporation and distillation is a mean of
  1. Separating soluble substances in solution
  2. Separating insoluble substances in solutions
  3. Separating filtrate from solution
  4. All of these
 Atoms bond in order to
  1. Attain a structure
  2. Attain a compound
  3. Attain a noble gas structure
  4. All of these
 Distinction between a weak acid or strong acid can be made through
  1. Litmus indicator
  2. Universal indicator
  3. Methyl orange indicator
  4. Phenolphthalein indicators
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