Class XI

 A mixture
  1. Is not a pure substance
  2. Is not formed through chemical reaction
  3. Is a pure substance
  4. Both A and B
Number of hydrogen atoms in an acid which can be replaced by a metal is called
  1. Tribasic
  2. Basicity
  3. Acidity
  4. Amphoteric oxides
In chromatography, different pigments can be separated through
  1. Solubility differences
  2. Diffusion differences
  3. Attraction among particles
  4. Capillary action of chromatography paper
An oil molecule may contain
  1. Over 10 atoms
  2. Over 100 atoms
  3. Over 1000 atoms
  4. Over 10 molecules of its distillate
In a dry cell, electrolyte paste is formed of
  1. Ammonium sulphate
  2. Ammonium nitrate
  3. Ammonium chloride
  4. Zinc sulphate
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