Class XI

Renal artery is a branch of
  1. Pulmonary arch
  2. Inferior vena cava
  3. Dorsal aorta
  4. Subclavian artery
For many autotrophic organisms, an essential source of energy is
  1. Soil
  2. Nutrients
  3. Light
  4. Eating plants
Sperms are produced in testes, lying in the
  1. Sphincter muscles
  2. Pyloric sphincter muscles
  3. Scrotal sacs
  4. Seminal vesicle
Left ventricle forces blood into the
  1. Aortic arch
  2. Pulmonary arch
  3. Superior vena cava
  4. Inferior vena cava
In apples, fleshy part is receptacle whereas pericarp
  1. Is absent
  2. Forms a hard outer layer
  3. Forms a soft outer layer
  4. Forms a hard inner layer
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