Class XI

Flow is said to be steady if
  1. the flow rate decreases 10%% every second
  2. the flow rate increases with time
  3. the flow rate does not change with time
  4. the flow rate decreases 20%% every second
The units of pressure in SI system is
  1. Pascal
  2. Newton
  3. Watt
  4. Joule
In a hydraulic lift the force applied on the smaller cylinder of area A1 is F1. If the area of the larger cylinder is A2 the maximum weight that can be lifted is
  1. F1
  2. A2A1F1
  3. F1A2
  4. F1A
The specific gravity of a material is
  1. the ratio of its mass to the mass of water
  2. the ratio of its volume to the density of water
  3. the ratio of its density to the density of water
  4. the ratio of its mass to the density of water
The basic property of a fluid that makes it different from solids
  1. it can be compressed
  2. is that it can flow
  3. it does not expands very little on heating
  4. it has a large density
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