Class XI

 In an acidified solution of Potassium Dichromate(VI) (K2Cr2O7), Dichromate ion (Cr2O7-2) becomes reduced to
  1. Chromate (V) ions
  2. Chromium (III) ions
  3. Chromium (II) ions
  4. Chromium (VI) ions
Electronic thermometers
  1. are mercury in glass thermometer
  2. alcohol in glass thermometer
  3. Are used to reduce risk of mercury poisoning if broken
  4. are greatly replaced by alcohol in glass thermometer
Alternative techniques to crystallization involve
  1. decanting
  2. centrifuging
  3. Filtration
  4. Both A and B
If molten Lead Bromide (PbBr2) is electrolyzed,
  1. at anode, brown fumes of bromide gas are given off
  2. at anode, molten lead can be seen
  3. At cathode, brown fumes can be seen
  4. at cathode, lead bromide can be seen
In periodic table, period number indicates number of
  1. neutrons
  2. protons
  3. electrons
  4. photons
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