Class XI

Vacuoles of plant cells are
  1. Permanent
  2. Semi-permanent
  3. Temporary
  4. Impermeable
Motile-bacterium moves with help of
  1. A whip
  2. A tail
  3. A flagellum
  4. All of these
Functions of pericardial fluid is to
  1. Prevent backward flow of blood
  2. To act as semi lunar cavities
  3. To support heart while running
  4. To reduce friction while heart is beating
Basic unit of identification is
  1. A stimuli
  2. Order
  3. Species
  4. Family
Removal of metabolic waste is not only method to get rid of them. Other means include
  1. Depositing them into dead cells
  2. Converted into harmless insoluble substances
  3. Converted to soluble harmless substances
  4. Converted into soluble harmful substances
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