Class XI

Plant with zinc deficiency show reduced biosynthesis of
  1. Cytokinin
  2. Abscisic acid
  3. Auxin
  4. Ethylene
Micronutrients are otherwise called as
  1. Structural elements
  2. Mineral elements
  3. Trace elements
  4. Beneficial elements
During the development of root nodule in soya bean. The cells lead to formation of root nodules in
  1. Outer cortex and pith
  2. outer cortex and inner cortex
  3. inner cortex and pericycle
  4. Vascular tissue and pericycle
Which one is not a reason of mineral depletion in the soil?
  1. Growing leguminous plants
  2. Non-rotation of crops
  3. Leeching of minerals
  4. Use of high yielding varieties
The excess of manganese may induce deficiency in
  1. Iron, magnesium,calcium
  2. Sodium, potassium,phosphorus
  3. Boron, zinc, chlorine
  4. Zinc, sodium, Iron
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