Class XI

After fertilization, ovule develops into a
  1. Fruit
  2. Seed
  3. Ovule
  4. Funicle
Fall in temperature may result in a
  1. Animals accustomed to dark
  2. Increase in metabolic activities to produce heat
  3. Decrease in metabolic activities of animals
  4. All of these
Functions of pancreas does not include
  1. Secretion of insulin
  2. Utilization of carbohydrates
  3. Deamination of amino acids
  4. Production of enzymes
Pericardial fluid is found
  1. In cardiovascular system
  2. Between two ventricles
  3. Between two atriums
  4. Between two layers of pericardium
Growth of radicle occurs when
  1. Plumule grows
  2. Cotyledons are shed
  3. It pushes testa at micropyle
  4. Plomule erupts out of soil
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