Class XI

Part of brain that acts as relay centre to receive and transmit general sensations except smell :
  1. Midbrain
  2. Hypothalamus
  3. Thalamus
  4. Epithalamus
The correctly matched pair is :
  1. Cats →→ binocular vision
  2. Sharks →→ colour vision
  3. Crayfishes→→ monochrome vision
  4. Birds →→ both nocturnal and diurnal vision
Sneha ceased to get smell of a perfume applied to her clothes but her friend Reema who passed by complimented her for the noticeable fragrance. This is an example of :
  1. reflex action
  2. sensory reception
  3. hypnotism
  4. conditioned response
Human internal ear is :
  1. mesodermal in origin
  2. comprising of ear pinna
  3. ectodermal in origin
  4. endodermal in origin
Brain cavities are filled with CSF. In subarachnoid space, the CSF plays following roles :
  1. keeps brain and spinal cord dry to prevent infection
  2. Plays a role in night vision
  3. acts as a shock proof cushion
  4. changes pressure inside cranium in coordination with blood pressure
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