Class XI

A reductant
  1. Removes oxygen
  2. Donates electrons
  3. Both A and B
  4. Is oxidising agent
Reaction of Lead Oxide (PbO) and Hydrogen Gas (H2) leads to
  1. Reduction of Lead
  2. Oxidation of Lead
  3. Formation of PbCl2
  4. Formation of PbO
Formula of Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate indicates
  1. That for each ion of hydrogen carbonate, two ions of Ca are required
  2. That for each ion of Ca, two ions of hydrogen carbonate are required
  3. That valence of HCO3 is −2
  4. 1 hydrogen ion combined to 1 calcium and 3 carbonate ions
Melting point of water is
  1. 0 °C
  2. −210 °C
  3. −78 °C
  4. 20 °C
According to collision theory, increase in temperature increases
  1. Kinetic energy of reactants
  2. Heat energy of reactants
  3. Both A and B
  4. Humidity in air
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