Class XI

The period of a simple pendulum is doubled when
  1. Its length is increased four times
  2. Its length is doubled
  3. The mass of the bob and the length of the pendulum are doubled
  4. The mass of the bob is doubled
The time period of a simple pendulum is given by ( l is length of pendulum and g the acceleration due to gravity)
  1. T = 2lg−−√
  2. T = 2 ππ lg−−√
  3. T = ππ lg−−√
  4. T = 4 ππ lg−−√
The ratio of maximum acceleration to maximum velocity of a particle performing S.H.M is equal to
  1. Angular velocity
  2. Square of amplitude
  3. Amplitude
  4. Square of angular velocity
The period of a spring oscillating simple harmonically is
  1. T=2 ππ {Km}−−−−√
  2. T=2 π{2mK}−−−−−√
  3. T=2 π{mK}−−−−√
  4. T=2 π{m2K}−−−−−√
A rubber ball with water, having a small hole in its bottom is used as the bob of a simple pendulum. The time-period of such a pendulum:
  1. Is a constant
  2. Increases with time
  3. First increases and then decreases finally having same value as at the beginning
  4. Decreases with time
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