Class XI

In simple models damping force is
  1. inversely proportional to acceleration
  2. inversely proportional to velocity
  3. directly proportional to acceleration
  4. directly proportional to velocity
A weightless spring which has a force constant k oscillates with frequency n when a mass m is suspended from it. The spring is cut into two equal halves and a mass 2m is suspended from it. The frequency of oscillation will now become
  1. 2n
  2. n/2–√
  3. 2n/2–√
  4. n
Frequency of the periodic motion is
  1. time taken to complete one oscillation
  2. twice the period of oscillation
  3. the reciprocal of the wave velocity
  4. the reciprocal of the period of oscillation
A particle executes SHM of time period T, the time period with which the total energy changes is
  1. Infinite
  2. T/2
  3. 2T
  4. T
Two pendulums have time periods T and 5T/4. They are in phase at their mean positions at some instant of time. What will be their phase difference when the bigger pendulum completes one oscillation?
  1. 900
  2. 600
  3. 450
  4. 300
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