Class XI

In order to separate colors, dyes and amino acids, useful method will be
  1. crystallization
  2. centrifugation
  3. filtration
  4. chromatography
Spectator ions,
  1. Take active part in forming new products
  2. Remain chemically unchanged in an ionic equation
  3. Act as catalysts
  4. Form suspensions in liquid
Al+3 indicates that
  1. It needs -3 valency to become stable
  2. It has high positive charge
  3. Aluminum is found in Group-II
  4. Both A and B
Physical properties are individual and not result of constituting elements in
  1. metals
  2. non-metals
  3. mixtures
  4. compounds
 Adsorption refers to the
  1. Bounding of a substance to surface of another substance
  2. Diffusion of one substance to bulk of other substances completely
  3. Boiling of liquid at surface
  4. An inability to bond something at surface
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