Class XI

Purpose of cooling jacket is to
  1. Prevent heavy financial losses
  2. Help in easy cleansing of culture medium
  3. Help in easy cleaning of culture medium
  4. Help in utilizing unproductive time
Ovary walls are fused with receptacle, if the
  1. Ovary is inferior
  2. Ovary is superior
  3. Anther is inferior
  4. Anther is superior
Dispersal of water lily seed depends upon organ called
  1. Glumes
  2. Bract
  3. Aril
  4. Testa
Excess tears drain into
  1. Lachrymal tear gland
  2. Naso-lachrymal duct
  3. Lower eyelid
  4. Nose
In marram grass, water loss is reduced through
  1. Fewer leaves
  2. Enlarged stomata
  3. Stomata covered by tiny hairs
  4. Lenticels
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