Class XI

The law of conservation of energy is.
  1. is valid only for applied mechanics
  2. is valid only for Newtonian mechanics
  3. is valid only for relativistic mechanics
  4. thought to be valid across all domains of nature, from the microscopic to the macroscopic
Most soluble in water is
  1. camphor
  2. sulphur
  3. common salt
  4. sugar
Bromine is a
  1. black solid
  2. red liquid
  3. colourless gas
  4. highly inflammable gas
One example where science predates technology is
  1. Steam engine
  2. printing press
  3. power loom
  4. Radio
Validity of the conservation of momentum is
  1. in only cases involving billiard balls
  2. in all domains including domains where Newton’s laws may not be valid
  3. in only those domains where quantum laws are valid
  4. in only those domains where Newton’s laws are valid
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