Class XI

Compounds which tend to accumulate in bodies are
  1. Passed on to final consumers
  2. Are not excreted from bodies
  3. May contain lead and mercury
  4. All of these
 Risks of skin cancer is increased if
  1. More sun bathing is done
  2. If CFCs are lowered
  3. If greenhouse effect is lowered
  4. More ultraviolet light penetrates Earth
Lesser genetic variability is observed if plant continues
  1. Cross pollination
  2. Self pollination
  3. Meiotic pollination
  4. Mitotic pollination
Pulmonary arteries lead to
  1. Right atrium
  2. Lungs
  3. Left atrium
  4. Pulmonary arch
Small intestine is attached to dorsal body through
  1. Villi
  2. Agglutination
  3. Lymphatics
  4. Mesenteries
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