Class XI

 In a damp environment, cobalt chloride (CoCl2) paper can be replaced with
  1. Cobalt cyanide
  2. Cobalt carbide
  3. Cobalt thiocyanate
  4. Cobalt chlorate
Life span of a red blood cell (RBC) is
  1. 1 day or less
  2. 6 days
  3. 60 days
  4. 120 days
Tissue respiration is also referred as
  1. Internal respiration
  2. External respiration
  3. Gaseous exchange
  4. Breathing
Nerve fibers are
  1. Found in nerve impulses
  2. Found in grey matter outside brain
  3. Cytoplasmic processes
  4. Converted to electrical signals
Along trophic level, in a food chain, insecticide amount
  1. Decreases at each trophic level
  2. Increases at each trophic level
  3. Remains unchanged
  4. May increase or decrease depending on consumption
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