Class XI

Trachea divides into two
  1. cilia
  2. bronchus
  3. bronchi
  4. pleura
 Diarrhea is caused due to
  1. Increase in blood flow
  2. Increase in rate of peristalsis
  3. Decrease in rate of peristalsis
  4. Decrease in blood flow
Oxygen debt refers to the
  1. amount of oxygen required for oxidation
  2. amount of oxygen lent to other muscles
  3. amount of oxygen required to oxidize lactic acid
  4. amount of oxygen required in rigorous running and physical activities
 If heat radiated from Earths surface is retained, outcome will be
  1. formation of smog
  2. green house effect
  3. van der Walls forces of attraction among smoke particles
  4. all of these
Organism that is generated through processes of genetic engineering is classified as
  1. genetically replicated organism
  2. clones organism
  3. mutation organism
  4. genetically modified organism
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