Class XI

In mammals like cats and foxes, inner hair layer acts as
  1. guard cells
  2. insulator
  3. performs both guarding and insulating functions
  4. conductor
Trachea divides into two
  1. Cilia
  2. Bronchus
  3. Bronchi
  4. Pleura
 In grass, function of filament is to
  1. hold pollens firmly
  2. stay inside bract
  3. expose anther to wind
  4. hold grass firm in soil
All is true for blood pressure, but,
  1. blood pressure remains same across whole body
  2. blood pressure is highest in aortic arch
  3. blood pressure is weaker in veins
  4. blood pressure is highest in ventricular systole
Lactose (C12H22O11) can be commonly found in
  1. sugar cane
  2. sugar beet
  3. cereals
  4. mammals milk
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