Class XI

 Duration of bright-bulb is shorter in a magnesium-copper battery because
  1. Difference of copper ad magnesium in reactivity series is lesser
  2. Polarization occurs too quickly
  3. Magnesium is highly reactive and dissolves very rapidly in acid
  4. All of these
100 cm3, 250 cm3 and 1 dm3 can be measured using
  1. Measuring cylinder
  2. Beaker
  3. Volumetric flask
  4. Burette
Washing soda is
  1. Acidic
  2. Alkaline
  3. Neutral
  4. Basic
In an endothermic reaction,
  1. More light is produced
  2. Chemical bonds are formation
  3. A lot of steam is produced
  4. Products contain more energy than reactants
Electrons involved in bonding are from
  1. Duplet
  2. Octet
  3. Outermost shells
  4. Innermost shell
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