Class XI

Select the appropriate word which makes the sentence meaningful.The _________ of this college is very strict.
  1. Principle
  2. Principal
  3. Princpal
  4. Princpel
They understand that some ___ treatment is necessary in the beginning to______ ingenious aspirants. 
  1. Essential, push
  2. Imperative, obviate
  3. Difference, prevent
  4. Differential, deter
The willingness of John to take up any responsibility is a sign of ___________
  1. Status
  2.  Greed
  3. Maturity
  4. Strength
 There was no agreement ______ the great powers ______ a treaty to ban weapons.
  1. Between, about
  2. Among, on
  3. In, for
  4. With, about
 Revitalising Indian railways would be good for ________but it would also have the added benefit of reducing _______from transport. 
  1. Passengers, emissions
  2. Drivers, concealment
  3. Commuter, refrains
  4. Customer, containment
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