Class XI

 Lives of organisms are greatly affected by
  1. Producers
  2. Consumers
  3. Decomposers
  4. All of these
Silting means
  1. Trees do not retain water
  2. Eroded soil gets deposited in rivers and streams
  3. Water levels rise rapidly in rivers
  4. All of these
Weight reduction program shall not
  1. Increase intake of citrus fruits
  2. Increase protein intake
  3. Increase water intake
  4. Increase intake of leafy vegetables
Dead algae and plants are decomposed by
  1. Bacteria
  2. Fungi
  3. Virus
  4. Detritivores
Axons of dorsal root ganglion
  1. End in grey matter of brain
  2. End in grey matter of spinal cord
  3. Become sensory fibers of spinal nerves
  4. Become attached to dorsal root
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