Class XI

A vessel of 120 mL capacity contains a certain amount of gas at 35 ∘C35 ∘C and 1.2 bar pressure. The gas is transferred to another vessel of volume 180 mL at35 ∘C35 ∘C. What would be its pressure?
  1. 1.8 bar
  2. 0.8 bar
  3. 0.4 bar
  4. 2.8 bar
The intermolecular force primarily responsible for the condensed states of nonpolar substances is the
  1. ion-dipole forces
  2. hydrogen bond
  3. dipole-dipole attraction
  4. dispersion force (or London force)
The fraction of molecules with enough energy to escape the liquid
  1. is independent of temperature
  2. is greater at the lower temperature
  3. is greater at the higher temperature
  4. is lesser at the higher temperature
Real gases show deviations from ideal gas law because
  1. of experimental errors
  2. molecules repel each other
  3. size of molecules cannot be measured
  4. molecules interact with each other
The average Kinetic energy and Thermal energy are proportional to the
  1. Specific Heat
  2. Absolute Temperature
  3. Volume
  4. Pressure
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