Class XI

Acid become colorless when added with
  1. Screened methyl orange indicators
  2. Phenolphthalein indicator
  3. Universal indicator
  4. Litmus indicator
 In neutralization reactions, conductivity meters are an ideal choice
  1. To record change in pH
  2. To measure and remove H+ and OH- ions
  3. To record heat given out
  4. To measure amount of current flowing
Less corrosive acid is
  1. H2CO3
  2. H2SO4
  3. HNO3
  4. HCl
Oxidizing agents does not include
  1. Potassium iodide
  2. Potassium manganate
  3. Potassium dichromate
  4. Promine solutions
In an atom, adding number of protons and neutrons
  1. Number of electrons can be obtained
  2. Number of nucleons can be obtained
  3. Atomic number of element can be obtained
  4. Number of positrons can be obtained
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