Class XI

 Motor nerves transmit impulses
  1. from brain to effectors
  2. from brain to receptors
  3. from brain to spinal cord
  4. from brain to nerve fibers
Group of cells performing similar functions are called
  1. phyla
  2. tissues
  3. xylem
  4. epithelium
Rectus muscles are used to
  1. hold eye in depression in skull
  2. help eye rotate without moving head
  3. help eye blink
  4. to hold eye in space
 Corrective mechanism of water loss due to sweating includes
  1. less ADH secreted
  2. less water excreted
  3. less water reabsorbed by kidney tubules
  4. less water intake
 Bile obtained after breakage of hemoglobin is of
  1. red color
  2. bright pink color
  3. blue color
  4. greenish-yellow color
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