Class XI

If there would be smaller gravitational effects, which of the following forces do you think would alter in some respect?
  1. Nuclear forces
  2. Electrostatic forces
  3. Viscous forces
  4. Buoyant forces
Which of the following statement(s) is/are true? (I) Every substance contains heat. (II) For heat to flow between two substances, they must be at different temperatures. (III) The internal energy of a substance is equal to the kinetic energy of the molecules in the substance.
  1. II only
  2. II and III only
  3. I and II only
  4. III only
A surveyor uses a steel measuring tape that is exactly 50.000 m long at a temperature of 20∘∘C. The markings on the tape are calibrated for this temperature. (a) What is the length of the tape when the temperature is 35∘∘C? (b) When it is 35∘∘C, the surveyor uses the tape to measure a distance. The value that she reads off the tape is 35.794 m. What is the actual distance? α=1.2×10−5/∘C
  1. 50.008 m, 35.600 m
  2. 50.009 m, 35.800 m
  3. 50.010 m, 35.900 m
  4. 50.007 m, 35.750 m
The average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance is most closely associated with
  1. expansion
  2. heat
  3. temperature
  4. absolute zero
Thermal stress is stress induced in solids
  1. due to dropping in cold water
  2. if thermal expansion is allowed by floating it’s ends
  3. if thermal expansion is prevented by fixing its ends rigidly
  4. due to vibration of molecules
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