Class XI

In plants which of the following have the capability of cell division?
  1. Parenchyma
  2. Scelerenchyma
  3. Xylem
  4. Apical Meristem
Intercalary meristems found are
  1. at internodes and base of leaves
  2. at growing tips of roots
  3. beneath the bark
  4. at the tips of stem
The growth is plants is
  1. limited to certain regions
  2. uniform in all parts
  3. limited to top region
  4. limited to roots only.
Which animal tissue are usually separated from the underlying tissue by an extracellular fibrous basement membrane?
  1. Muscular tissues
  2. Connective tissues
  3. Epithelial tissues
  4. Nervous tissues
Dead long and narrow cells in a plant belong to which tissue?
  1. Parenchyma
  2. Scelerenchyma
  3. Collenchyma
  4. Phloem
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