Class XI

Passive water absorption by root system is due to
  1. Force created in root
  2. Osmotic pressure in shoot
  3. Tension in sap due to transpiration
  4. High respiratory activity of root
Rate of transpiration is highest when
  1. Soil is wet and air is dry
  2. Soil is dry and air is humid
  3. Soil is wet and air is humid
  4. Both soil and air are dry
The system of adjacent cell walls that is continuous throughout the plant is called as
  1. Root pressure
  2. Guttation
  3. Apoplast
  4. Symplast
If an osmotic system, one has a water potential of -1000 kPa while the other has -500kPa, which chamber has higher water potential?
  1. Both have equal water potential
  2. Chamber with -1000kPa
  3. Chamber with -500kPa
  4. None of these
The net direction and rate of osmosis depends on
  1. None of the above
  2. Pressure gradient and Concentration gradient
  3. Only pressure gradient
  4. Only concentration gradient
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