Class XI

Very high boiling and melting points are of
  1. Covalent compounds
  2. Iionic compounds
  3. Metallic compounds
  4. Dative bonds
 Chemical properties of an element are largely derived through
  1. Its position in periodic table
  2. Proton number of an element
  3. Nucleon number of element
  4. Number of valence electrons
A range of boiling point indicates
  1. Achromatography is not correctly done
  2. Fractional distillation has been carried out successfully
  3. Presence of impurities in it
  4. Absence of any impurity
In magnesium oxide, magnesium ion requires only one oxygen ion because
  1. Valency of oxygen is −1
  2. Valency of Oxygen is −2
  3. Valency of magnesium is +1
  4. Formula of magnesium oxide is 2MgO
Elements and their isotopes have
  1. Same number of protons
  2. Same number of electrons
  3. Different number of neutrons
  4. All of these
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