Class XI

Plant wilts when leaf
  1. Looses its central nucleus
  2. Looses its central vacuoles
  3. Looses its turgor pressure
  4. Exposed to strong wind
Series of energy transference in form of food is called a
  1. Food pyramid
  2. Food chain
  3. Ecological niche
  4. Food cycle
Purpose of endocrine glands is to secrete hormones
  1. Inside body
  2. Outside body
  3. Over body
  4. In air
More sweat helps body to
  1. Gain more latent heat
  2. Loose more latent heat
  3. Inefficiently loose heat
  4. Rehydrate
Lack of fat soluble vitamins causes
  1. Internal bleeding of gums
  2. Loosening of teeth
  3. Painful swollen joints
  4. Multiple fractures
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