Class XI

in open end organ pipe
  1. only odd harmonics are produced
  2. only even harmonics are produced
  3. None of these
  4. both odd and even harmonics are produced
Two waves represented by Y1Y1 = a1a1 sin wt and Y2Y2 = a2a2 cos wt are superimposed at a point at a particular instant. The amplitude of resultant wave is
  1. a1+a2
  2. a21+a22−−−−−−√
  3. a1−a2
  4. a21−a22−−−−−−√
If y(x, t) = a sin (kx + ωωt + φφ) represents a wave function
  1. travelling in the -ve x direction
  2. direction of travel is sometimes –ve x and +x at other times
  3. the equation does not tell the direction
  4. travelling in the +ve x direction
A certain broadcasting station broadcasts at frequency of 12 Mega Hz. The wavelength of waves emitted is
  1. 36 m
  2. 2.5 m
  3. 3.6 m
  4. 25 m
When a wave undergoes reflection at rarer medium then it undergoes a phase difference of
  1. No change in phase
  2. ππ /2
  3. π
  4. ππ /4
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